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Born &  raised in Arizona / Nevada, where I  Attended school and also met my husband.

Now residing in Idaho raising our 3 children along the Clearwater river.

I have so much LOVE for the creative arts. . .

It's bound to happen when you grow up with a pencil and paper, always drawing & creating stories. As a child I was inspired by my mom's paintings & I loved seeing all of her works of art.... namely, the horses she would draw out and paint onto things like an old tin barrel lid.

My favorite childhood books probably sum up my life:

The Velveteen Rabbit & One Kitten for Kim

Even as an adult I still see the magic in every day happenings.

My love for animals is like Kim in his mission to give away all but one kitten, yet returning with many other animals instead. 

 I've been taking pictures since the 9th grade when my teacher handed me the first professional gear I ever handled. I'd be walking the halls with my camera box connected to the strap around my neck, feeling like some kind of back stage V.I.P. That was film at the time. It had a dark, moody vibe to it that I really loved. 


2000 - My husband would spoil me with a new camera every other year or so until finally I had learned most of the mode dials.

2006 - started my part time Photography hobby.

2009 - left my day job in banking  & decided to become a full time Photographer

By 2017 I had both worked from home and owned a small art gallery studio space in Downtown Lewiston. I had travelled, modelled, met many talented photographic artists, attended workshops, schools, online classes & increased my knowledge and skills in the business. I added many tools to the artistry toolbelt as some would say.


2018- Present...I was offered and accepted a new position as the Art & Media Director for our home town Credit Union. This position has allowed me to learn and practice new things in a commercial business environment, increasing my skills and awareness as a 

Marketing, Graphic and Creative Designer.

My passion & talent for the artistry of photography has never gone away. I will plan to incorporate "weekend only" mini  portrait sessions in 2020

I believe in Passion, Talent and hard work

Passion fuels the desire to do the thing you long for. Talent is always waiting

for the hard work to commence. 


Photo courtesy "Ridinger's"
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